Marketing & Sales
  • – Develop product specific marketing plans
  • – Work with our clients to insure their marketing materials are satisfactory and offer guidance on producing technically suitable product data sheets
  • – Develop PowerPoint sales presentations
  • – Actively promote our client’s products and technologies to both engineers and owners
  • – Build product awareness by conducting “lunch-box” seminars for both engineers and owners
  • – Attend pre-bid meetings on behalf of our clients
  • – Identify likely bidders, address technical questions and submit quotes
  • – Coordinate and assist with technical submittals

Technical support
  • – Respond to technical inquiries in a swift manner
  • – Assist engineers with developing project specific specifications and drawings
  • – Coordinate submittal of test reports to support inclusion of products in projects

Product Development & Consulting
  • – Assist our clients in creating a product development strategy
  • – Assist our clients in preparing and managing test programs