Annadale Station Rehabilitation Project

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LK Comstock was awarded a contract to rehabilitate several Staten Island Railway stations. Rehabilitation work included concrete repairs, structural strengthening, architectural upgrades, and for some of the stations, complete removal and replacement of the existing deteriorated concrete platforms. Construction work had to accommodate daily train operations without closing the stations.

At the Annadale Station, approximately 216 feet of both the inbound and outbound concrete platforms were slated to be demolished and replaced with new precast concrete panels followed by a 2” reinforced concrete topping. The heavy precast panels and cast-in-place topping slab presented challenges to completing the work quickly with little disruption to station operations on a site with limited access.

LK Comstock approached Coastline Composites/Composite Advantage to discuss substituting lightweight FRP platform panels that could be brought to the station on the tracks, lifted with light duty equipment and quickly installed. With the FRP panels weighing approximately 10 psf, the FiberSPAN™ FRP slab-style panels could be made larger, which resulted in fewer picks and faster installation. The FiberSPAN™ panels were also supplied with factory-installed non-slip overlay, tactile warning tiles, and rub boards so once the panels were placed on the piers very little work remained. The value engineering proposal was presented to MTA and ultimately approved.

LK Comstock worked closely with the engineering group at Composite Advantage to provide survey information and develop the installation plan. The weekend prior to installing the new FRP platforms, LK Comstock shored up the existing platforms and cut and removed the tops of the piers to the desired elevations. The FRP panels were placed on the piers and set to the correct elevation to provide the necessary cross-slope. Once the panels were in place, they were connected to the piers using stainless steel angles, and the gap between the panel and pier was then dry-packed with a non-shrink grout. The platform demo/replacement was done during two weekend shutdowns. LK Comstock was able to complete the work around 4 p.m. Sunday, nearly 12 hours before the MTA required the station to be reopened for Monday morning commuters.


Total Platform Length: 432 LF Total (216 LF per inbound/outbound platform)