Services We Provide

Technical expertise and market intelligence to match our FRP composites

Engineering support for your next construction project

Technical Support

We work with our partners to ensure the proper level of technical support is provided to engineers and owners to design and specify FRP solutions for your projects.

Value Engineering Proposals

Our knowledge of FRPs and experience with design and construction methods enables us to seek out and develop value engineering opportunities. On large construction projects, we recognize where FRPs can help accelerate construction and save money. We will work with you to develop the concept, establish budget estimates and help you sell the concept to the owner.

Consulting Services

Typically, we work on behalf of one of the manufacturers we represent. On occasion, if not in conflict with an existing relationship, we will work directly for an owner providing consulting services.


We conduct webinars on topics involving FRP technologies and applications. We write technical papers and present at conferences. We sit on relevant industry committees. Simply put, we never stop learning about FRP composites or sharing what we know to improve our civil infrastructure.

Connecting FRP product manufacturers with market opportunity

We create business opportunities for the FRP products manufactured by our partners. We convert our partners’ leads into qualified opportunities that eventually lead to projects. Our reputation and experience in the FRP composite construction market allow us to:

  • Manage and service opportunities in our territory
  • Manage opportunity pipeline using Salesforce
  • Conduct market research studies
  • Implement product-specific marketing and sales plans
  • Work with our clients to develop suitable marketing materials
  • Write project-specific specifications
  • Create and conduct technical sales presentations
  • Identify likely bidders, and submit quotes on behalf of our partners
  • Coordinate and assist with preparing submittals