Rock Island District Wicket Gates

  • Location

    Creve Coeur, IL, USA
  • Year

  • Products

  • Owner

    Peoria Lock & Dam
  • Engineer

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Contractor



Composite Advantage’s FRP wicket gate is the first composite navigational gate structure to be used by the USACE. Wicket gates are movable dams used to help maintain a navigational pool in a river. The gates are raised during periods of low water.
In 2015, Composite Advantage designed and fabricated three 16 ft. long, 4ft. wide, 8 in. thick FRP wicket gates for installation at the Peoria Lock & Dam on the Illinois River, Creve Coeur, Illinois. The composite product replaced traditional chanoine-type wicket gates made of white oak, a costly, diminishing natural resource.

FRP wicket gates are 40 percent less on a first-cost basis and provide a lifespan of more than 50 years – unlike conventional wood gates, which have a lifespan of approximately 15 years. FRP’s corrosion resistance makes maintenance minimal. Composite Advantage’s FRP product has been sourced by USACE in the 2018 budget for the LaGrange and Peoria Lock & Dam locations along the Illinois waterway. USACE is projecting a material and labor costs savings of $18.6 million over the next 50 years at these sites.

This product’s innovation paves the way for the use of GFRP composites nationwide by USACE and other governmental agencies on a multitude of additional navigation and water-control structures with even more demanding performance requirements, such as large culvert valves and radial gates.


Total Wicket Gates: 3 EA
Typical Dimensions: 16.5’ tall x 3.6’ wide x 12” deep
Typical Weight: 3,250 lbs/EA