San Lorenzo River Parkway / Trestle Trail


The Trestle Trail bridge, which supports active railroad traffic, is an important gateway to many popular destinations around Santa Cruz. It provides locals and visitors access to the Santa Cruz beach, boardwalk, Riverwalk levee path, downtown Santa Cruz, and Seabright neighborhood.

When the City of Santa Cruz decided to upgrade their pedestrian access, attached to the existing railroad bridge, they turned to Composite Advantage. Their design utilized wider platforms, allowing for safe pedestrian travel (whether walking or bicycling) across the San Lorenzo River.

The design also called for a cantilevered walkway, which was made possible because of the lightweight nature and strength of FiberSpan composite decking.

The Trestle Trail bridge is now providing pedestrians with greater safety and comfortable travel as they journey to Santa Cruz’s many attractions.


Sidewalk Length: 340 LF
Typical Panel Dimensions: 10’ x 21’
Typical Panel Weight: 10 psf