Lightweight FRPs for Bridges Accelerate Construction

We use our extensive experience with bridges to help DOTs find innovative and lightweight solutions that accelerate construction, enable bicycle/pedestrian access on narrow bridges, and restore structurally deficient bridges.

  • Vehicle Decking

    Old or historic vehicle bridges unable to safely support modern trucks are a candidate for FRP decking. The lightweight decking can significantly reduce the dead load on the bridge and extend its useful life. FRP decking can be used for movable bridge applications and wherever the lightweight benefits provide savings for the machinery required for the movable span.

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

    FRPs contribute to accelerated bridge construction (ABC). FRP components can be rapidly erected using light duty equipment and, even if not part of the final bridge, can be used as stay-in-place forms, lightweight platforms, and other temporary structures to facilitate traditional bridge construction. Coastline Composites works with design-build teams to help them accelerate ABC projects.

  • Pedestrian Decking

    FRP panels are routinely used for pedestrian bridge decks and can be installed on all types of superstructures. The lightweight panels are ideal for the sidewalks of movable bridges and are often installed on prefabricated trusses prior to erection to eliminate concrete deck pours and extended road closures. FRP decking is highly customizable and offers both bridge designers and architects a range of design and color options.

  • Cantilever Sidewalks

    Lightweight FRP decking enables communities to use existing bridges to provide safe bicycle and pedestrian access across rivers, roadways, railroad tracks and other barriers by cantilevering the FRP deck off the side of the existing bridge.

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