Energy-Absorbing FRP Piles and Wales Protect Critical Infrastructure

We offer a wide range of energy-absorbing, corrosion-resistant FRP technologies as well as complimentary design assistance (such as FEA vessel impact modeling) to provide cost-effective, maintenance-free solutions.

  • Ferry Terminal Slipwalls & Dolphins

    Slipwalls and dolphins are used to safely guide ferry boats. Navigation is often difficult due to strong currents and high winds. FRP piling and wales efficiently dissipate the vessel impact energy, which improves passenger safety while also eliminating damage to the ferry or slipwall (or both) during severe impacts.

  • Navigation Lock Guidewalls

    Navigation lock guidewalls are critical structures used to direct commercial barge traffic on the nation’s intercoastal waterways. Barges are difficult for tugboat captains to control, which frequently results in hard impacts to the guidewalls. Energy absorbing FRP piling and wales reduce the cost of maintaining guidewalls affected by frequent barge impacts.

  • Navy Fender Systems & Camels

    The U.S. Navy’s waterfront infrastructure is expensive to maintain due to the highly corrosive marine environment that quickly degrades traditional construction materials. FRP piling, wales and camels extend the life of pier fender systems and provide for safe berthing operations for both surface ships and submarines.

  • Bridge Pier Protection Systems

    Bridge fendering systems protect bridge piers from vessel impacts in navigable waters. FRP piling and wales make for long-lasting, maintenance-free pier protection systems. FRP’s relatively low stiffness and high strength are ideal for absorbing the energy from a wide range of vessel impacts.

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