Adams Shore/Houghs Neck Seawall Repairs

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  • Location

    Quincy, MA, USA
  • Year

  • Products

    • FRP rebar
  • Owner

    City of Quincy
  • Engineer

    Tighe & Bond
  • Contractor

    MIG Corporation
  • Precaster

    CJ Scott


In 2018, winter storm Riley battered the East Coast and caused extensive flooding in the City of Quincy. The City commissioned a project to rehabilitate and raise the existing seawall from Adams Shore to Houghs Neck to alleviate future storm/tidal related flooding to the residential neighborhoods protected by the wall. Depending on the location, the wall was raised by either 2 or 4 feet.

The project also included drainage improvements in and around the area. The project involved removing the existing old concrete seawall blocks and casting a 6’ wide concrete leveling pad to receive the new seawall. The new seawall consists of precast concrete seawall blocks placed on the leveling pad that provide for a 2-foot increase in wall height. In areas where the wall was required to be raised an additional 2-feet, precast concrete wall caps are connected to the seawall blocks.

The new precast seawall blocks retained the same curved seaside surface as the original wall and all precast members were reinforced with Fiberglas™ GFRP rebar for superior corrosion resistance.


Length: Approximately 7,000 LF