Concrete Reinforcement

GFRP Rebar for Corrosion-Resistant Concrete Structures

We help engineers incorporate high-strength, low-cost GFRP reinforcement into their concrete structures. GFRP rebar is an ideal solution for seawalls, piers, bridges, and parking structures that are susceptible to corrosion.

  • Marine Structures (Seawalls & Dry Docks)

    GFRP rebar is the preferred reinforcement for concrete seawalls and other waterfront concrete structures. GFRP is especially well suited for seawall caps in the splash zone that are subject to numerous wet/dry cycles of highly corrosive seawater.

  • Tunnels (Soft-eyes & Slurry Walls)

    GFRP rebar is routinely used to reinforcing soft-eyes and slurry walls in tunnel boring operations. The unidirectional glass reinforcement in the GFRP bars provides exceptional strength for the concrete elements but allow TBMs to cut through them without damaging cutting elements.

  • Precast Elements (MSE Walls)

    GFRP rebar is used in many precast products including MSE wall panels, concrete sheet piling, concrete piling, concrete pier caps, concrete decking and prestressed beams. GFRP rebar extends the service life of these precast members.

  • Bridges (Decks, Caps, Footings)

    GFRP reinforcing bars are often substituted for traditional steel rebar on bridge members susceptible to corrosion. GFRP is a lower cost alternative to stainless steel, MMFX, and other corrosion resistant steels. Bridge decks, parapets, piers, foundations, and abutments are good candidates for GFRP bars.

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